Friday, January 2, 2009

The Implications of Herbal Medications on Plastic Surgery

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A majority of otherwise healthy individuals currently are regularly taking herbal medications. This may be with multivitamins and or the usual heart or blood pressure etc medications. I myself regularly take glucoseamine and multivitamins. Although many associate these herbs with being more natural with less side effects than pharmaceutically manufactured prescription medications that is not actually true. Especially in the high doses frequently taken these herbs can thin the blood preventing clotting, prevent healing after surgery, have dangerous interactions with medications given at surgery etc. I have personally had to cancel surgery in the middle of an operation because of bleeding that could not be stopped because the patient took goldenseal or high doses of vitamin E within a few days of surgery without telling me. Vitamin E especially in high doses dramatically thins the blood.

Here is a list of commonly used herbal medications and their associated problems:

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