Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Internal Bra Breast Lift

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Breast sagging is a common problem women face with aging, breast deflation after breast feeding and/or after the placement of large breast implants. The cause is a disproportion between the size of the breast tissue and the amount of skin enveloping it combined with stretched out and weakened ligaments that connect the breast tissue to the chest wall. This flattens out the top half of the breasts so that most of the remaining breast tissue is in the bottom half of the breasts. Because the problem is related to the skin and breast tissue (fat, breast gland and suspensory ligaments) rather than muscle this problem is unaffected by exercise. Historically the treatment was surgical removal of excess skin sometimes with some manipulation of the breast tissue and/or a breast implant resulting in a firmer breast with more fullness in the upper half of the breast. Removal of skin alone does not always restore the more youthful appearing upper half fullness.

The pattern of skin removal (circle around the nipple, lollipop, inverted-T incision) used depends on the degree of drooping or amount of skin that needs to be removed. For larger skin removals the anchor pattern or inverted-T has been the mainstay. The problem with this is some patients develop large symptomatic scars.

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