Saturday, February 18, 2012

Woman's Body Swallows Breast Implant

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A report from Johns Hopkins University in the December 2011 New England Journal of Medicine describes the swallowing of a breast implant into a woman's chest cavity. The patient had reconstruction of both breasts after mastectomy for breast cancer. She subsequently had minimally invasive heart surgery via the right mastectomy scar. Some time later while partaking in a Pilates class the right implant was swallowed by her body during a stretching exercise. The intact implant squeezed through a small hole between her ribs left from the heart surgery and ended up on top of her right diaphragm. It must have been scary to look down and see the implant disappear into her chest.
The implant was retrieved, the hole in the chest was closed with a mesh patch and the implant was put back in its original position. Now I assume she is back doing Pilates. This is one thing you don't see everyday.

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