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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mini Facelifts - LifeStyle Lift, QuickLift...

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Anyone watching television lately has been exposed to a mass marketing blitz by Lifestyle Lift. The infomercials claim over 150,000 completed surgeries and are filled with satisfied customers who in before vs. after photos look remarkably younger and happier after surgery. In 2012, Grammy®-winning singer, author, and television personality Debby Boone, best known for her 1977 RIAA Platinum-selling #1 hit "Theme from You Light Up My Life," became the spokesperson for the company in its television commercials and its half-hour infomercial; the song is well-represented in both the commercials and in the infomercial.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Asthma - Reversible Lung Disease and Cosmetic Surgery

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Obstruction to airflow in the lungs can be due to
  1. fixed or irreversible lung disease (COPD)
  2. reversible (responsive to medications) obstruction due to heart failure
  3. reversible (responsive to medications) obstruction due to asthma
The obstruction can be due to just one of the factors or any combination of 2 or more factors.

In asthma the walls of the breathing tubes into the lungs swell (become inflamed), muscles surrounding the tubes contract squeezing the tubes and then increased mucus secretions inside those tubes plugs them. This results in obstruction to airflow with audible wheezing and a tight feeling in the chest as the individual tries to get the air through narrowed plugged tubes. Attacks can be mild resolving quickly with medication or severe and life threatening.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Awake Cosmetic Surgery - Surgery Without Anesthesia

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The new and aggressively marketed Awake cosmetic surgery is performed under local anesthesia only without even an IV. Some doctors will add a mix or cocktail of oral medications such as valium. These procedures are heavily advertised as a cheaper, safer and more medically advanced alternatives to liposuction, abdominoplasty and breast enhancement surgery, especially liposuction. Awake surgery ads promise that patients remain lucid throughout the operation able to interact with their doctor and even voice opinions about such things as breast implant size at prices less than half of conventional surgery with general anesthesia. They may even propose surgery a doctor’s cozy office, not in an intimidating outpatient surgical center or hospital, which is dangerous distortion of the facts.

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