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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Facial Implants - cheeks, chin, jaw

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Breast implants at least in the US come in only 2 forms, a silicone (plastic like shell) containing either salt water or silicone gel (a mollases or jello thick substance). Facial implants for bone augmentation come in greater variety of materials - silicone, goretex and porex medpor. The first 2 do not develop tissue ingrowth by surrounding tissue, thus they are easier to remove at a future date should the need arise. However they can also shift in position at any future date since there is little or no ingrown tissue to keep them in place. Porex Medpor does develop tissue ingrowth or incorporation thus the potential for shifting or infection are much less at a future date. In the absence of infection porex implants are fixed in position within a few weeks after placement by this ingrowth. Those patients with silicone or goretex need to take antibiotics prior to any dental procedure while porex patients do not. This is because the body does not treat incorporated ingrown implants as foreign bodies.

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