Friday, September 9, 2011

Some surgical and non-surgical techniques to treat cellulite.

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This is a guest post by Sachin from the Cosmos Clinic in Sydney Australia.

Don’t believe the hype—there is no final cellulite treatment. Nothing but a genetic makeover could get rid of cellulite. Actually, 80 to 90% of women have cellulite at one point in their life, so you’re definitely not alone. But that also gives pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic surgery clinics an enormous clientele pool to help or abuse… depending on what treatment you choose.

While cellulite can’t be completely removed, there are ways to help reduce is appearance and even temporarily drain it away. Here are some of them.

Laser lipolysis

Among the newest treatments in the liposuction line, laser lipolysis proponents claim that using lasers help tighten the skin as well as break up fat cells stuck under the skin, thus improving the appearance of orange peel skin. Traditional liposuction may make cellulite worse, so avoid it as a cellulite treatment. There have not yet been any studies on the effectiveness of laser lipolysis for cellulite treatment.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Using ultrasound to break up fat in the body is also a relatively new treatment for cellulite, even though it’s been used for a while in liposuction. It’s less invasive as the acoustic wave is applied externally through the skin. Again, no long-term studies have been made but there have been some promising results.

Cellulite subcision surgery

This intervention is rarely used, with limited availability and success. It involves using a v-shaped knife and running it under the skin, cutting the bands of connective tissue that cause cellulite. Thus, the fat is released and can be removed. This is extremely invasive (and thus more dangerous) and cannot be used everywhere on the body.

Lower body lift

This is another invasive intervention that carries the most risks and may produce excessive scarring. It involves cutting excess skin and lifting the remaining skin to lift and tighten the appearance of the abdomen, butt and thighs. It doesn’t get rid of cellulite but can significantly reduce its appearance.

Fat grafting

Fighting fire with fire—or fat with fat: that’s what fat grafting is about. By harvesting fat through liposuction and re-injecting under the skin to smooth it out, fat grafting can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. However it is a temporary measure, as the body usually reabsorbs fat cells.


This patented treatment involves a massage device that supposedly massages water retention, breaks up fat cells and stretch out the connective tissue under the skin. The company also claims that the massage stimulates the production of collagen, thus thickening and strengthening the skin. This treatment is temporary and must be repeated regularly to maintain the effect.


This is like Endermologie, with added technology of infrared light and radiofrequency waves. It’s also temporary and the results are rather modest.

There is no easy body sculpting solution. Cellulite cannot be gotten rid of only through cosmetic intervention—you must also have a good diet and exercise program. But some of these interventions and products can help smooth away the skin and reduce the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

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